Another abstract created with olive oil, water and some coloured card. The method used this time was to stand a glass dish with flat base on a sheet of picture glass which I placed on top of 12 soft drink cans, three in each corner. Using two table lamps with 60w bulbs I illuminated underneath the dish standing on the glass plate raised off the ground. I then placed CD covers from a music CD on the floor below the dish shooting the oil floating in the water with the CD cover giving a surreal background effect.
Give it a try! It is great fun and you can get all sorts of wonderful and weird effects. Please click the photo to see more of my abstracts on my Smugmug site.


5 thoughts on “INNER SPACE

    • Thanks for the compliment. It took a few shots before getting to this one. I will be doing some more shots like this one with different colours and patterns now i have perfected the technique thanks once again for the likes on my other posts

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